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Customer Reviews

We have earned our customers trust for 15 years, because the Pipe Spy team respects your most valuable asset – your home. Pipe Spy customers recommend our services.

Our real estate agent recommended them as the best in the business, and I won't disagree. They made the process of replacing a 13'-deep sewer lateral in the hills completely painless.

Jonathan M.

Polite, patient, honest and professional. No hidden or additional surprise fees. Replaced our walkway more beautifully than it was. We always recommend them to friends.

Nina F.

I thought that they did a great job. The whole experience was positive. They knew what they were doing, and they cleaned up the site well.

Angus T.

When they poured the concrete, the crew encouraged my grandkids to place their handprints in the fresh concrete.

Peter P.

I know how important it is to produce quality work, on time and within budget. Thanks and appreciation for the excellent work.

Eric Z.

We couldn’t be more pleased with the crew’s professionalism, attention to detail, all the clean up and problem-solving.

Elizabeth O.

They know the technology they're working with, have good judgment, and don't waste any time.

Geoffrey C.

They are very professional, they do what they say they are going to do, and they know more about sewers than anybody else I have ever talked to.

Chip H.

They left no trace. It was as if they hadn't been there, but they got the work done.

Bruce M.

The man was extremely courteous and nice. I called other companies, but that's why I chose to use them.

Patrice B.

Very professional, very high quality work, reasonable prices, and very thorough. They're close to perfect.

Jerry K.

They're a good, honest company. Reasonable price,
they were clean, and got the job done well.

Emina B.

They handle the whole job from beginning to end
and they stand behind their work.

Anne L.

They were the hardest, most consistent workers
I've seen in a long time.

Maryellen K.

I continue to be amazed by the quality and
speed of the work that was done.

Daniel P.

Pipe Spy's estimate was lower than other bids and the estimate was the same as their final bill--no hidden or additional surprise fees.

Nina F.

I was impressed at Ray's professional manner, his patience in clearly explaining what's involved in the job, and his non-salesman, no pressure approach.

Lance D.

Pipe Spy was my knight in shining armor. These guys know what they are doing. I would suggest you call them first and avoid lots of wasted time.


They do a great job at a decent price. Pipe Spy will always be my first choice, when I have a backed up sewer.

Phyllis M.

I cannot recommend Heiko and his team enough. I was impressed that he advised me to do what was best for my budget, rather than what would earn him more money.

Sue M.

This is the type of work I'm delighted to pay for - performed by a team that takes pride in results - careful, courteous and professional. Without hesitation, I'd use Pipespy again.

Jeff K.

They took care of everything. The work was done well, and the yard was put back together. I'm totally delighted with them.

George M.

They're the best! The whole process couldn't have been better. Heiko is an absolute delight.

Barbara M.

Pipe Spy did it all with integrity, very little down time, and they did a stunningly beautiful job!

Eloise G.

It was a difficult location and they nailed that without any problems. They were incredible.

Ray S.