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Before Buying a House

Looking to buy a house? Look carefully at the sewer system. Know what you’re purchasing with an expert Pipe Spy Pre-Sale Camera Inspection.

When you buy a home, you can see the condition of the cabinets, the floors, and the furnace with your own eyes. But you will buy the whole property, including what you cannot see: the sewer lateral and storm drain systems. If the property does not have a sewer certificate, the sewer line will have to be tested and possibly replaced before the property sale can close – and either you or the seller will pay for the cost. So “look before you buy” with a Pipe Spy video camera sewer inspection.

Pipe Spy service technicians are experts in the sewer compliance  requirements for all East Bay cities. After our camera inspection, we’ll tell you if the sewer line will pass a sewer compliance test without repair work, which can save you thousands of dollars now. If we see sewer line flaws, we’ll show you the video, and will provide you with a free, quick estimate for repair or replacement. A Pipe Spy sewer pipe replacement will pass all local sewer compliance tests – we guarantee it.