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Pipe Spy is an engineering plumbing contractor specializing in underground pipe replacement technology. It is our job to provide you with the best product in the ground, and the best customer service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair/Replacement

Pipe Spy adopted sewer pipe bursting technology from the tool inventor shortly after forming our business in 1998. We promoted this process to gain city approval to save you money.

Working with Tric Tools we demonstrated this technology to the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, and others to develop permit and inspection procedures for inserting new pipe in the ground using the old pipe as a guide. Pipe Bursting is the only accepted trenchless technology for sewer lateral replacement available to our East Bay customers. This nonintrusive process saves you from inconvenience, disruption, property damage, and reduces cost to save you money.

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Pipe Spy maintains a fleet of sewer inspection cameras to provide you with the most knowledge of your underground drain lines.

The sewer pipe line inspection cameras are an essential diagnostic tool to determine the scope of work for underground sewer pipe replacement. This tool and service reveal the condition of your sewer pipe line, and identify types of pipe failures, branch line connections, the slope of the pipe line, and the exact location of the sewer pipe.

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Sewer Line Repair and Maintenance

The life of many sewer laterals can be extended with maintenance and / or spot repairs.

Pipe Spy can perform as-needed or periodic maintenance to keep your sewer pipe line flowing to the main sewer line, using power snake or hydrojet tools.

If your sewer line has periodic backups, chances are a minor spot repair can fix the problem, saving you the cost of a full sewer pipe replacement.

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Commercial Sewer Services

Pipe Spy is skilled in providing a full range of underground services for the commercial property owner. There is no problem we cannot solve for larger pipe sizes and complex plumbing systems.

Testing for compliance or replacement of larger building sewer laterals can be done while keeping the building in operation. We provide service and repair without the loss of business and minimal disruption for your customers. Don’t close your doors, call Pipe Spy!

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Plumbing Services

Our talented and skilled journeymen plumbers can tackle any plumbing job. 

We are organized to replace your underground plumbing with cost-effective speed and accuracy. We can manage interior plumbing issues in conjunction with the underground work. If we can’t get to you timely, we will recommend a competent company who can.

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