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Sewer Line Replacement Cost

Pipe Spy customers ask an important question: “What is my sewer line replacement going to cost?”

Every house is built to be unique. Each city has different rules for sewer compliance. So our cost estimate for your sewer project has to be site-specific, customized for you. Pipe Spy doesn’t price jobs by the foot – the distance between your house and the city sewer might be the least significant factor. We carefully inspect your plumbing so that we understand your property, above and below the ground – only then can we give you the best answer to the “how much” question.

We invite you to ask this question: “What will I get for my cost?” Pipe Spy free estimates give you the details and bottom-line cost for your project, including: diagnostics, all labor, materials, inspection and certification fees, and restoration of your landscaping and hardscaping. We minimize costs and disruptions with trenchless technology and our top-notch staff, and we guarantee our work.
We do the work so you will get the best value for your investment.