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Preparing to Sell

When you sell your home, you want the best price, but the condition of the home’s fixtures can affect the selling price - increase the value with sewer line repair.

When you get ready to sell your house, repairs and upgrades are a big part of your to-do list. Sewer line maintenance might be the last item on your list, but a broken sewer could slow down the sale of your home, and could decrease the selling price. Get prepared: learn about sewer compliance, and get a Pipe Spy sewer video camera inspection before you sell. We might recommend a compliance test of your sewer without repair, to get your sewer compliance certificate fast.

“East Bay homeowners can increase the selling price of their home by thousands of dollars, if the home is listed with a sewer compliance certificate,” according to Daniel Stea of Stea Realty Group. To get a sewer compliance certificate, the sewer line must pass a pressure test and/or a city inspection. Call Pipe Spy for more details and to schedule a Pipe Spy video camera inspection first – we’ll tell you how quickly you can check “sewer repair” off your home sale to-do list.